Keeping Your Eyes On Jesus

by Sheraine Puran  

Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Many people do not understand the importance of faith.


Faith is what draws you closer to God,

Faith is what makes you come out of Bondage,

Faith is what makes your hopes and dreams to come to pass,

Faith is what brings you out of sickness,illness,etc.

Faith is simply to believe.


Many believers have forgotten how easy it was to accept the Lord Jesus into their lives.That kind of belief is what God is looking for- you didn’t see God, by faith you accepted Him into your life…likewise by faith believe his word that you are healed.

Faith is to believe that you are in the Presence of God in His Throne Room, Faith is to believe God that He will set you free from Bondage, Faith is to believe that God answers your Prayers.Even though there is recession, we need to believe God for everything. Because of recession, fear as come upon many people, all they do is worry.


This is what God says in His word to us..

Mathew 14:28 ……Peter asked Jesus if he could walk on water toward  Him and Jesus said come……Peter walked a little and after a while looked down  and began to drown until Jesus saved him.

God is saying to us to keep our eyes on Him…means simply believe Him! The moment we take our eyes off Jesus, the moment we begin to look at the circumstances around us,the debts, the problems, all the negativity , then we begin to drown …but when our eyes are on Jesus believing Him that He can do all things that is when we overcome and circumstances begin to change Amen…

Whatever you have asked God, the desires of your heart, Believe God to bring it to pass for you.  There is no limitation with God.

Follow your dreams and dream Big .....God can do exceedingly and abundantly more than what you think or imagine. He is bigger than your hopes and dreams.  



Sheraine Puran is the Youth leader of the Church of the Nazarene, Richards Bay, South Africa



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