by Sheraine Puran


THE GLORY OF GOD Coming Like Never Before 

The Glory of God that fills the Temple


EZEKIEL 43:1 The Glory of God came from the way of the East, God entered into the Temple from the East side. Just as the Sun rises from the East side, its rays eventually goes throughout the earth, likewise God in all his Glory is rising up in our lives. When Jesus was born, the Wiseman searched for The Star, they saw in the East. Jesus in all Gods Glory found in the East impacted the world to the Uttermost parts of the earth.

JOEL 2:28 Out Pouring of Gods Spirit

God is pouring out His Spirit onto this Generation. Gods Presence entered the Temple as described by Ezekiel and God began to tell him how the Temple should be built.  We are His temple today and God dwells inside of us.We need to embrace Gods Presence. There’s no time to waste on issues that hinder our progress with God,  no time for gossip, fussing, strife, envy, unforgiving, bitterness, rebellion, people pleasers, unbelief, worry, cares of  this world…..…there’s just no time for such politics,  because there’s just too many people going to hell.

We’ve got to get ready to embrace the Smokey Presence, His Presence that comes with fire.  God is rising up in us, for such a time as this.  His presence is rising up in our lives to be a light in the midst of darkness.  We are the carriers of this great light in the midst of darkness.

The Harvest is so ripe, we as the temple of God, need to live our lives Holy as God is Holy.  The Glory, the Presence of God will rise up in us and we will shine,  in the midst of darkness,  where people are lost, bound up by the enemy and  have no where to turn,  are going to see this light shine  in you. God will begin to work through you, get ready!  

Seek Gods Glory, seek His Presence, worship Him.  Come before Him with a cheerful and clean heart.  Once you’ve started on this mission to seek Gods Glory, distractions may come your way, to slow your progress with God, be careful not to get yolked with unbelief.  Protect that which God as deposited in you, for His Glory. Continue seeking Gods Presence in your life. 

In the Realm of His Presence you will feel and see Gods glory in You.    PRAISE GOD!


Sheraine Puran is the Youth Leader in the Church of the Nazarene, Richards Bay.









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